Conquest of the Eastern Fringe

Dashneth Ridge has fallen

Exorcist Tank Commander - Battle report

Radio Transmission:

Santa Corinthia,

The orks have taken the ridge and demolished the bastion. We are lost, almost the last woman. Our tank has survived only because we were stationed on the far edge of the ridge. The basters even managed to hit our Valkyrie with melta charges.
Canoness Lucilla, her command group, and a squad of Tempesta Scions were stationed in the bastion North of our position. We saw Canoness Lucilla charge out to meet the ork on foot. I have never seen greater heroism in all my life. She killed many orks this day, but the ultimately the green tide was too great for her. Lucilla was captured by the orks. At last report, they had taken her alive. I have no idea what lies in store for her, but I fear it is a fate worse than death.
The orks have also taken the Sacred Banner of the Order Militant. I am shamed to admit that we did not recover the artifacts as you commanded us, but moreover, we lost another relic to the enemy. The orks demolished the bastion soon after Lucilla fell. From there, the rest of our forces crumbled quickly. We saw the remainder of the ork forces turning North, through the valley.
There is little else we can do at this time. Returning to rendezvous at the landing pad.

End transmission


infinitewill infinitewill

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