Conquest of the Eastern Fringe

Ambushed at Dashneth Ridge

Canoness Lucilla

We were en route to the temples in Dashneth valley, to recover sacred artifacts when we were ambushed by the vile orks. We took refuge in an old bastion overlooking the valley. From our vantage point, we thought we could break the ork lines before retaking the valley. As I write this, I fear that I am wrong. The waves of greenskins are unending. They pore into the valley in unending waves. Nevertheless, our sisters will stand to the last. We will leave this planet with the artifacts, or we will not leave at all….

….The orks are approaching the ridge. If we do not meet them in combat now, they will take the bastion and the ridge with it. Then all will be lost. May the Emperor guy me. If this is the last that I write, then know that I died in glorious battle.


infinitewill infinitewill

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