Conquest of the Eastern Fringe

Planetquake: Canum Ventus
Planetstrike Mission 4, Sisters of Battle vs Death Guard

With their stolen fortifications beginning to crumble around them the followers of Nurgle scramble to fend of the unrelenting Imperials.

Pusteolon fears the loss of each subtle variant of his father’s gifts and demands that samples be recovered, with limited success.

As the shattered earth crumbles and breaks apart from the weeks of unending orbital bombardment the Death Guard manage to retreat in an orderly manner, leaving nothing to succor the Imperial forces.

Seize and Destroy: Canum Ventus
Planetstrike Mission 3, Sisters of Battle vs Death Guard

Deep behind the front lines the forces of Chaos hold an Imperial officer with integral knowledge of the planet’s multilayered defense lines. Each location and code has been extracted with the utmost patience, and pain.

Celestine leads her loyal warriors in a pin point strike to recover the officer and crucial intelligence. In her way are only a handful of veteran Death Guard…and an unending tide of barely trained renegades.

The forces of Nurgle successfully retrain their stolen secrets, using the Imperium’s own Fortress of Redemption against them.

Desperate Assault: Canum Ventus
Planetstrike Mission 2, Sister of Battle vs Death Guard

The Imperial Forces have gained a tenuous hold on the planet’s surface. Pusteolon compels his best forces to concentrate their efforts to rout them before they can establish a permanent beachhead.

Under cover of withering orbital bombardment the Sisters of Battle bring ruin to the elite Death Guard warriors, leveling their fortifications and purifying the battlefield with promethium.

Planetfall: Canum Ventus
Planetstrike Mission 1, Sister of Battle vs Death Guard

Diseases uncounted are spreading across the world of Canum Ventus. The Imperial planet is in ruin, its populace either worshipping the ruinous powers or desperately trying to avoid their agents.

The Sisters of Battle have returned with a vengeance. Bombarding the planet heavily as they make planetfall, destroying the very fortifications the Imperium was forced to abandon mere months before.

An Imperial Knight tears through a Fortress of Redemtion on a hill top that commands the primary battlefield as Imperial fighter craft drive off the disgusting Daemon Prince himself.

Though they secure their landing site it is at great cost.

Draw. 6 victory points on each side.


Ambushed at Dashneth Ridge
Canoness Lucilla

We were en route to the temples in Dashneth valley, to recover sacred artifacts when we were ambushed by the vile orks. We took refuge in an old bastion overlooking the valley. From our vantage point, we thought we could break the ork lines before retaking the valley. As I write this, I fear that I am wrong. The waves of greenskins are unending. They pore into the valley in unending waves. Nevertheless, our sisters will stand to the last. We will leave this planet with the artifacts, or we will not leave at all….

….The orks are approaching the ridge. If we do not meet them in combat now, they will take the bastion and the ridge with it. Then all will be lost. May the Emperor guy me. If this is the last that I write, then know that I died in glorious battle.

Dashneth Ridge has fallen
Exorcist Tank Commander - Battle report

Radio Transmission:

Santa Corinthia,

The orks have taken the ridge and demolished the bastion. We are lost, almost the last woman. Our tank has survived only because we were stationed on the far edge of the ridge. The basters even managed to hit our Valkyrie with melta charges.
Canoness Lucilla, her command group, and a squad of Tempesta Scions were stationed in the bastion North of our position. We saw Canoness Lucilla charge out to meet the ork on foot. I have never seen greater heroism in all my life. She killed many orks this day, but the ultimately the green tide was too great for her. Lucilla was captured by the orks. At last report, they had taken her alive. I have no idea what lies in store for her, but I fear it is a fate worse than death.
The orks have also taken the Sacred Banner of the Order Militant. I am shamed to admit that we did not recover the artifacts as you commanded us, but moreover, we lost another relic to the enemy. The orks demolished the bastion soon after Lucilla fell. From there, the rest of our forces crumbled quickly. We saw the remainder of the ork forces turning North, through the valley.
There is little else we can do at this time. Returning to rendezvous at the landing pad.

End transmission

Evacuation Complete
Corinthia - Battle Report

Just before nightfall we were ambushed by the greenskin hoard. They appear to have waited until a portion of our force was away gathering the last of our surviving sacred artifacts. The Orks descended upon our landing pad as the last few shuttles were ferrying civilians offworld. The arrived quickly with bikes, meks, and infantry.
Our sisters responded swiftly. The Repentia, led by Jacobus attacked the orks head-on, breaking the first of their advance. Penitent engines cleansed the battlefield in holy flame, devastating more of the enemy infantry.
Though are initial response was effective, the Repensita were wiped out by return fire, leaving Jacobus wounded on the field. The penatent engines continued to advance, devastating the orkish bikers. Ultimately though, they were destroyed by the mighty power claw of the warboss. Storm troopers arrived on the scene shortly thereafter, reestablishing our broken defensive lines while our artillery held the orks at bay.
The meks proved to be something of a nuisance. The battle sisters fought bravely against them, but ultimately fell before the heavy armor. It was a stroke of luck or providence that a strange sniper arrived on the scene. She must be a member of the local militia, but her skills and weaponry are unmatched in this part of the galaxy. I must remember to keep an eye on her in the future. This sniper was able to singlehandedly disable the largest of the ork meks, not small task, even for a battle sister.
I regret that my seraphim and I arrived late to the battle. Were we only a little earlier, the warboss may not have escaped. When we arrived on the battlefield, an orkish transport was attempting to haul the priest off to a grizzly fate. My sisters and I managed to disable it with fire and flame just before they made their escape.
It was not long after that the last of the orks were routed. I’m pleased to say that the last of the civilians and munitions are safely offworld. However, I am remaining behind with a small contingent to protect the landing pad for a few hours more. The sisters that I sent to retrieve artifacts are overdue….I fear the worst.

The Evacuation

Grugzug was dead, the Warboss had fallen, long live Warlord Gorzag Shadbrac. Reving the engine of his newly acquired blitz bike he lead the green hoards back into the wastes as the Knights and Sisters gathered their fallen and prepared for evacuation. Through brute force and intimidation Gorzag gathered his own troops back into a proper green tide of muscle and steel and prepared to strike again, this time when the Sisters did not have the Knights around the protect them. Bringing in the clanking war machines of the meks as support his Kult of Speed fell upon the landing pad being used to ferry the civilians off world.

Day 2
S. Corinthia

The evacuation is well under way. We have encountered no further Ork resistance since capturing Perdition Bridge. The main road to the extraction zone is currently clear, but all forces remain on high alert as retaliation could come at any time.
Two civilian transports and one transport carrying heavy armour have already fled the planet. They are set to board the Grey Knight battleship within the hour. Our remaining forces will hold the extraction site and wait for the shuttles to make a second run.
I am sending a small force of Battle Sisters and allied Guard to retrieve relics from a nearby temple. Once the artifacts are recovered, we can evacuate our remaining forces in preparation for exterminatus.
May the Emperor Bless Us


S. Corinthia

Santa Corinthia held tight to the rails of the Valkyrie as it rose above the smoke of her dying world. She stared down at Occasus Solis as flames danced in those once hallowed halls. She wiped the sweat from her brow, smearing it with soot in the process. The Imperial extraction force had managed to usher one company of her beloved battle sisters to safety, but that was little comfort as Corinthia looked out over the fields of the dead and the burning cities that grew ever smaller as the Valkyrie ascended.
Corinthia looked over at the priestess Zaraya. A hospitaler was tending to her wounds. Zaraya’s robes were tattered and soot stained. Her face was smeared with tears and ash. It was Zaraya’s great grandmother that invited Corinthia’s foremothers to this world after the warp storms lifted. It was her order that help to establish a convent here, bringing the teachings of the Imperium to a world shrouded long in darkness. Occasus Solis was seen throughout the galactic region as an exemplar of how the Emperor’s teachings could bring light to even the most remote homes of humanity. And now it was a pile of rubble and ash.
Santa Corinthia shut the side hatch on the Valkyrie, taking one last glimpse of the world she’d called home. The Emperor had tested her in battle many times, and he had judged her to be a fine warrior. Today was different though. Today tasted like ash and failure. Revenge was not meant to be in the vocabulary of the Adeptas Sororitas. Revenge implied personal gratification. Vengeance, on the other hand, implied justice. Vengeance was all that Corinthia could think about this day: delivering the Emperor’s justice to the heretical scum that had destroyed her home and those living upon it, not for herself, but for the dead and the dreams that died with them.


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