Conquest of the Eastern Fringe

A Warhammer 40k Narrative Campaign

This is an ongoing, open-format, narrative campaign. Players define their own army, characters, and goals, then craft narrative style battles to try and achieve those goals. In addition to the standard 40k rules, we are using a specially crafted narrative rule set, which is defined The Rules. Each game played earns the players “narrative points” which can be spend on warlord traits, relics, and other benefits. These points are intended to give a sense of progress to the campaign rather than being the focus of it.

Each player can have their own goals and story, interconnected with the other players only where they meet one another in the field of battle.


Sisters of the Sacred Night

Unused narrative points – 30

  • Sacred Banner of the Order Militant – 40pts, lost to the orks

Warlord Gorzag Shadbrac’s Warband

Unused narrative points – 70

Conquest of the Eastern Fringe

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